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NafyCast Episode #27
February 04, 2015 07:02 AM PST
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Nafy's back on a rainy day with a podcast featuring special guests Alison McCann and Megan Ryder, who chat about their first years in Pleasantville staying with the Montoyas and Merrimans, and also about working for the Tarkington family as maids.
There is a discussion about Suzanne's new restaurant, the Rose Vine, as well as a review by Suzanna Wilson and the Pleasantville Gazette. An adventurous Quickfire Quiz, everyone shares their New Year's resolutions, and much more!

NafyCast Episode #26
May 29, 2014 05:54 PM PDT
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Dolores Montoya joins Nafy, Kirsten and Teresa as they talk about Josefina's recent experiments with Lemon Lift tea and what the final result was, a discussion on Peder Larson, who is no longer a baby, a special audiobook story about Peder's interest in pigs over horses, Nafy's Rambles on Mermaids and much more!
Mrs. Montoya has advice for all of the podcast hosts to use, including some for Nafy on keeping William from becoming too lazy!

NafyCast Episode #25
April 21, 2014 01:18 PM PDT
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Nafy rants about King George the third, Mei Mei Chen chats about what happened to the bank roof, Kirsten tries to come up with a reason for making a fashionable dress, Angelica has gone missing from the Grumpy Troll, everyone finds out they are good at procrastination, the co-hosts give out some good advice for playing dolls realistically and much more!
Special Guest: Mei Mei Chen
Hosts: Nafy Merriman, Kirsten Larson, Teresa Berg

NafyCast Episode #24
January 10, 2014 06:36 PM PST
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Suzanne Wickon joins the NafyCast hosts on this 24th episode of the podcast and answers questions about fashion, gossip, cooking and singing, as well as performing a special rendition of the Queen of the Night aria from the Magic Flute in Live in the Studio.
Other parts of the podcast include a new letter of the week, news and discussion on the Pleasantville elections, latest fashions and more. Suzi's News is back with coverage of the court trial of Kaya Atonmy vs. Cristal Purr. Listen to find out what happened!

NafyCast Episode #23
September 14, 2013 01:57 PM PDT
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Episode 23 features a September edition of the podcast with news ranging from the opening of the new clothes boutique to Laura's injuries from a biking incident to the shocking news about Nafy's new ballgown.
The main discussion is centered around new character Ji-Li Xiang, who has recently moved to Pleasantville and is introduced to you in this episode!
Co-hosts Kirsten, Teresa and Nafy take you through some of their favorite segments, including a new Nafy's Rambles about Newspapers.

NafyCast Episode #22
January 31, 2013 09:46 AM PST
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Special guest is Rebecca Montoya again, who comes in with some news about a clash of personalities in the Montoya household.
The cohosts discuss the Parkingtons' new maids, whether they like elephants or chimpanzees better, Lisa's new apartment, a new ramble and management column and much more!

NafyCast Episode #21
March 31, 2012 04:25 PM PDT
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In this all-kitties episode Nafy, Teresa, Kirsten, Elizabeth, Clara and Anna talk about different places that they have been outside of Pleasantville. They also discuss their latest lessons learned (how do you get a maid to do what you want? Elizabeth knows!) and Nafy rambles for four minutes about how much she does NOT like metrenomes.

In this April Fool's edition of NafyCast, the cohosts have a lot of fun and so will you!

NafyCast Episode #20
February 15, 2012 02:15 PM PST
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In this episode, guest host Sonja Romanakov joins the show and adds her authority and opinions to the discussions on the show.

The Valentine's episode includes:

- Nafy rambles about Valentine's day
- Discussion about the Grumpy Troll and a new tea room?
- The latest news mentions the new Clothes Boutique that will be coming soon.
- Why is there a government meeting going on?
- A very quick quickfire quiz
- A brand new segment, introduced by Teresa, called "Learning Lessons."

And much more! Enjoy!

NafyCast Episode #19
February 14, 2012 01:39 PM PST
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Featuring the young master Pierre le Fox and his storytelling capabilities, this episode also includes:

~A brand new Nafy’s Rambles about chickens
~Nafy tries to figure out how much a woodchuck can chuck
~Mrs. Merriman talks about rainy day activities
~The cohosts review and discuss the new American Girl dolls, Cecile and Marie-Grace and their collections
~Paul covers all the latest news and gossip from Pleasantville
~Pierre tells everyone stories of his travels around the world

...and much more!

NafyCast Episode #18
February 14, 2012 01:33 PM PST
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In this episode the three cohosts hold down the fort and discuss Summer plans, as well as how to put on a festival, fair, camping trip or summer camp for yourself with very few accessories. There is also a brand new edition of “Nafy’s Rambles” and the ever-popular Suzi’s Newsclips are back with interviews on fashion from the recent Parkington Easter Gala.

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